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Cook’s Illustrated Tackles Tricky Kitchen Challenges with More Than 1,000 Surprising Solutions


Who but the editors of “the food geek’s bible,” Cook’s Illustrated magazine, would pit an avocado with a corkscrew or turbocharge a pepper grinder with a power drill?

Kitchen Hack (noun): A quick tip that provides a fun new approach to old tasks, a way to tackle tough projects, or an ingenious use for everyday tools.

True kitchen wizards know that sometimes you have to think outside the box to conquer the toughest cooking challenges and that the best fixes for tricky culinary quandaries are not always the most conventional ones. Here in the test kitchen, we have been gathering creative solutions to common dilemmas for decades. Kitchen Hacks is the guidebook you didn’t know you were missing for your kitchen and it comes with all the cleverness and expertise of Cook’s Illustrated behind it.


The more than 1,000 kitchen hacks in this collection are sometimes weird and even a little wacky, but trust us: We’ve tested every tip in the book and they really work. Plus, almost every hack is accompanied by Cook’s Illustrated’s trademark hand-drawn art to show you just how to do it yourself.

We’ve also carefully selected 22 surprising recipes—which we call recipe hacks—to give readers a chance to try out some new skills in fun and delicious ways.

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Kitchen Hacks (Front Cover)