Inside the Book

Table of Contents

Clean Kitchen Hacks—Because No One Likes to Get Sick (or Dirty)
Kitchen Organization Hacks—DIY Without a Trip to Ikea
Food Prep Hacks—The Straight Dope on How-To from A to Z
Hacking the Basics—Smarter Skills for Everyday Kitchen Tasks
Hacks In and Out of the Kitchen—Supervision May Be Required!
Food Storage Hacks—How to Keep Food Fresh and Stop Wasting Money
Reheating and Reviving Food Hacks—AKA Culinary Magic
Company’s Coming Hacks—Clever Ways to Impress Your Friends
11th-Hour Hacks—You Made a Mistake, Now Let’s Fix It
Food Transport Hacks—Getting Your Dish from A to B, Safely
Kitchen Hacks on the Books—Working Off the Page and On the Screen
Substitution Hacks—You Know Better But You Still Do It, So Do It 

Highlights at a Glance

No Gadget? No Problem!
Sure, it’s nice to have fancy tools for every little kitchen task—specialized strawberry hullers and egg separators and apple corers—but not everybody has the room or the budget to keep all those uni- taskers on hand. With our help, even if you don’t own a cherry pitter, you can still have a perfect cherry pie. Just try one of our alternatives: a pastry bag tip, a drinking straw, or a chopstick. We show you easy ways to get the job done using everyday tools you probably already own; no special gadgets required.

Think Outside the Kitchen
Sometimes the perfect tool for the job won’t be found in your kitchen drawers or cabinets at all. We’re not afraid to get help from some unusual places, including the toolbox, the medicine cabinet, and the office-supply closet. From amping up your ingredient prep with power tools to finally finding a use for all those rubber bands in your junk drawer, we’ve come up with innovative solutions for all kinds of conundrums. Seriously—you’ll be amazed by how many different ways a hair dryer can improve your life in the kitchen.


Save Money (and Your Food!) with Smarter Storage
Use our creative advice to keep leftovers fresh and organize your kitchen for better food storage. We tackle what to do with common problem ingredients like leftover herbs from a too-big bunch, unused tomato paste, and that little bit of wine in the bottom of the bottle. Stop throwing out perfectly good food or watching it go bad right in front of you. We’ll show you how to store it right, how to use it up, and—just in case you still get stuck with pesky extras—how to bring those leftovers back to life.


Show Off a Little
In this book, you’ll get help dealing with some of the most challenging demonstrations of cooking skill, such as serving a picture-perfect meal to a tableful of guests, presenting an exquisitely executed layer cake to a birthday boy or girl, or expertly handling a last-minute kitchen disaster. Impress your friends with our hacks for everything from frosting the cupcakes to cooking the roast to shining the silver to reinflating the soufflé.

Level Up Your Kitchen Skills
The tips in this book don’t just make things easier—they also make things better. Dealing with whole coconuts can be tricky; take our advice and freeze them first, and not only will they open up easily, but the coconut water inside will be easy to extract and save in its frozen form. Finger foods at a cocktail party are messy and toothpicks just create more waste; using pretzel sticks to skewer the hors d’oeuvres adds a salty crunch to the snacks and cuts down on mess. Bringing a salad for lunch is a great idea in theory, but if you dress it ahead of time, it gets soggy, and carrying dressing with you can be a pain. Try making a layered salad with the dressing on the bottom and a layer of toppings between it and the greens—a quick shake is all it takes to have a perfect lunch. We have fixes for things you didn’t even know were broken.


Try Our Recipe Hacks for Kitchen Magic
In addition to covering kitchen organization, ingredient prep, food storage, entertaining, and substitutions, Kitchen Hacks includes 22 of our favorite weird and wonderful test kitchen recipe discoveries. We share the easiest (and best) method for cooking bacon, instructions for how to produce drizzle-worthy balsamic without spending big bucks on the pricey stuff, DIY secrets for staples like Greek yogurt and vanilla extract that you’ll never have to buy again, and a seriously magical way to make amazing vanilla ice cream without an ice cream machine, plus many more recipe hacks full of surprising ways to improve flavor and solve common cooking predicaments.