What Kind of Kitchen Hacker Are You?

Hack This Book!

Use these alternative list of lists to help you navigate the book. Whether you’re a loner, a party animal, an environmentalist, or just a clueless cook, there’s a hack for you!

COFFEE HACKS: Hacks for Caffeine Fiends

Mess-Free Percolator
Use this one quick fix to simplify brewing and cleanup in your percolator.

Puddle-Free Coffee Making
Try this oh-so-simple trick to keep your kitchen clean and dry during coffee prep.

Take the Stress Out of Cleaning a French Press
Polish up this hard-to-clean tool with some super scouring tricks.

Stabilizing Coffee Filters
Get your coffee filter under control for neater coffee grounds and smoother mornings.

Removing Coffee Stains
Enlist an unlikely pantry staple to do the hard cleaning work.

Quick-Prep Coffee
You’ll thank yourself in the morning for following this plan-ahead prep tip.

Fresh Coffee, Right on Time
Add one little gadget to your basic coffee maker to improve your mornings forever.

Soundproof Coffee Grinder
Avoid a rude awakening by including this accessory to your coffee-grinding routine.

Mason Jar Milk Steamer
Steam milk for cappuccino with just your microwave and one handy helper.

Heated Breakfast Dishes Are Classy
Set yourself up for a perfect cup of hot coffee with one quick and easy step.

LUNCHTIME HACKS: Hack Me a Sandwich

No-Clean Panini Press
That’s a wrap for perfect pressed sandwiches without the melty mess.

Custom Sponge for Panini Grills
Take the mess out of panini with this simple solution for hard-to-clean grill pans.

Next-Level Sandwiches
Spice things up and save your leftover herbs from going to waste at the same time.

Cool Tuna
Rethink pantry storage to make tuna salad a more accessible (and tasty) option.

Perfect PB&J
Spread strategically for optimum sandwich performance on this classic.

Stabilizing Sandwiches
Balance bread and toppings for a bigger, better sandwich.

A Cut Above
Score one for neater sandwiches with this simple, sharp solution.

Cheesier Sandwiches
Learn the secret geometry of a perfectly cheesy sandwich.

Bagel Bunker
Protect your bagel sandwich with an unconventional storage solution.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Panini
Press yourself a bellissimo Italian sandwich without any fancy gadgets.

BOOZY HACKS: Hacks for Happy Hour

Easy-Open Wine
Use the sink to leverage your way into a bottle of wine in no time.

Quick Freeze for White Wine
Take white wine from warm to wonderful with your freezer and a basic kitchen accessory.

Bar Back(up)
Expand your cocktail-shaking capacity with this easy adaptation of a common item.

Emergency BBQ Bottle Opener
Next time you misplace the bottle opener at a barbecue, use this handy replacement tool.

Wine Bottle Bib
Stop worrying about your tablecloth and pour without fear at dinner.

Aerate Wine in a Flash
Decant and aerate a bottle of red wine quickly and without any gadgets.

Makeshift Martini Shaker
Shake things up with this easy substitute for perfect homemade cocktails.

Home-Filtered Vodka
Upgrade a bottle of inexpensive vodka with this quick and simple trick.

Guaranteed Chill for Gibsons
Combine chilling and garnishing your cocktail by making one tiny substitution.

When Wine Gets Corked­ Up
Wine cork crumbs fell into your bottle? Don’t despair! We’ve got two easy fixes.

MEMORY HACKS: Hacks for the Forgetful

Keeping Sponges Straight
Leave yourself a permanent reminder about which sponges are for which tasks.

Spreading Cold Butter
Have fresh, hot, perfectly buttered toast even when you forget to soften the butter.

Salted Water Reminder
Add built-in reassurance to your pasta routine.

A Reminder to Reserve Pasta Water
Reorganizing your sink ensures you won’t forget to save pasta water for adjusting the sauce consistency.

Keeping a Record of Rises
Track the steps of bread folding and rising by making notes you can’t miss.

Taking Your Baking Sheets for a Twirl
Map the movements of cookies in the oven to make sure everything bakes evenly.

Reminder to Turn Off the Gas
Slip on a wearable reminder about the state of the gas tank on your grill.

Dish ID
Make sure your dish won’t get lost forever if you forget it at a party or potluck.

Memory Key
Pair your lunchbox with a necessary a.m. accessory to ensure you’ll remember it.

Temperature Cheat Sheet
Create a handy reminder about cooking temperatures for greater safety and ease.

GREEN HACKS: Hacks for your Recycling

Breaking News: New and Improved Cleanup
Use yesterday’s headlines to streamline prep.

Down the Tube
Enlist a paper towel tube to clean up one of breakfast’s greasiest messes.

Easy Ash Disposal
Make cleaning your grill quick, easy, and efficient with this recycled scoop.

Make Your Own Kitchen Scrapers
Improve your scooping, scraping, and cleaning with these homemade tools.

Better Vase for Herbs
Keep bunches of herbs greener in more ways than one with a DIY vase.

Standard Yogurt Measurements
No measuring cups? No problem! There’s a makeshift set hiding in your recycling bin.

Headlining Paper Towel Substitute
Replace your paper towels with newspaper to make greasy tasks cleaner and neater.

Ensuring Perfectly Round Cookies
With one quick change, a paper towel tube is the perfect tool for slice-and-bake cookies.

Hot Tips for Grill Lighting
Replace your usual grill kindling with an egg carton for the perfect charcoal starter.

Transporting Fragile Pastries and Hors d’Oeuvres
Keep your treats and tidbits pristine on the way to the party with this egg-cellent idea.

SHORTCUT HACKS: Hacks for the Lazy

Jump-Started Dish Drying
Avoid drying your hand-washed dishes by enlisting a common household helper.

Stop! Don’t Rinse That Chicken
Go ahead and skip a step you might have thought was necessary.

Double-Duty Dishes
Save yourself from having to wash any extra dishes by using this easy tip.

Easy-Bake Set
Take a shortcut to cookies by reorganizing your cabinet for optimal baking.

A Banana’s Built-In Cutting Board
Skip dirtying a cutting board by working with a banana’s natural gifts.

Quick-Measure Oil
Here’s a way to measure oil when you can’t be bothered to dig out a tablespoon.

Shopping the Salad Bar
Not interested in slicing, dicing, or chopping a single veggie? This tip is for you.

The Simplest Way to Keep Bread Fresh
Turns out that the laziest way to store fresh artisanal bread is also the best.

Quicker Dough Wrapping
Prep make-ahead pie dough with less work and less mess by following this tip.

Lazy Cook’s Lattice
Use this shortcut to save time and stress on the fanciest of pie crusts.


DIY Single-Cup Coffee Filter
Get your fix one mug at a time with the help of a funnel.

Mixing Just a Few Egg Whites
Scale down egg-whipping operations with one minor alteration to your mixer.

Poached Egg for One
Streamline this breakfast favorite with the microwave.

Rinsing Greens for One
No need to haul out the spinner when serving yourself salad.

Peeling Just One Tomato
Bring blanching and shocking down to a smaller scale.

Drop Cookie Stockpiling
Plan ahead to prepare your freezer for small-batch treats anytime.

Eating All Your Vegetables
Organize your fridge to keep leftovers from going to waste.

Single-Serving Smoothies
Stock your freezer with prepared smoothie packs for quick, easy breakfasts.

Portion Control
Coffee filters are the surprise ingredient for perfect frozen foods.

Single-Serving Soup Storage
Freeze your favorites in perfect portions for future meals.


Unloading, Simplified
Make things easier for yourself by thinking ahead when you load the dishwasher.

Trash Bag Tips
Save time and space by making one tiny change to your garbage routine.

Instant Extra Space
No contractor needed to instantly expand your prep space.

Mess-Free Shortening
Simplify the measuring process for a tricky, sticky ingredient with this easy tip.

Mess-Free Pan Spray
Circumvent the cleanup next time you have to spray a pan by relocating the job.

Simple Chocolate-Coated Sweets
No time to frost a batch of cookies or brownies? Try this easy shortcut instead.

Instantly Flatter Countertops
Don’t give up on perfectly flat crusts and cookies because your counter is uneven.

In-a-Pinch Pie Plate
This clever substitute makes a perfect backup home for your pie.

The Rules of Reducing
Use a common household object to bring a new level of precision to your reductions.

Edible Toothpicks for Hors d’Oeuvres
Eliminate the need for fussy wooden toothpicks with a delicious addition to snacks.

GADGET HACKS: Hack your Appliances

An Easier Squeeze
Discover a secret juicing assistant that you probably already own.

Nuke-and-Shake Corn Husking
Eliminate the annoyances of corn shucking with an assist from your microwave.

Not Full of Hot Air
Turn an underutilized specialty tool into the perfect way to make toasted nuts.

Turbo-Powered Pepper Grinder
Find a surprising kitchen shortcut hiding in your toolbox.

Berry Dryer
Dry delicate berries quickly and effectively with a little help from the bathroom vanity.

Styling Cakes
Give your fancy frosted cakes a stylish makeover with a surprising appliance.

Restarting a Grill Fire with Style
Bring your salon tools out to the grill to turn up the heat on a charcoal fire.

Warming Things Up at the Dinner Table
Class up your dishes and add a little something extra to your meal with this hot tip.

Digital Shopping List
Turn your smartphone into the definitive grocery shopping tool.

Digital Recipe File
Make an illustrated list of go-to favorite recipes that you can carry in your pocket.

GADGETLESS WONDER HACKS: Hacks for Minimalists

The Pan Flip That Stops Drips
Change your pouring technique to eliminate mess on the stovetop.

No-Fuss Wrapper Storage
Make one simple alteration to your storage system to fix a common annoyance.

A Separate Piece
Use this simple tip to make shrink-wrapped bacon a cinch to handle.

Ripening Rock-Hard Fruit
Use strategic pairing to optimize conditions in your fruit bowl.

Just a Splash of Oil
Create a built-in oil dispenser with just a tiny adjustment and no fancy gadgets.

Judging Pineapple Ripeness
Use simple clues to help you pick the perfect pineapple at the supermarket.

Blending Natural Butters
Learn the secret to smooth, spreadable natural nut butter with no stirring.

A Handy Rule of Thumb
Use a tool you’ve always got on hand for neat, uniformly chopped ingredients.

Reviewing Your Assumptions About Thawing
It turns that out the simplest way is best for cooking frozen food.

Sandwiches for Picnics
Eliminate waste and streamline lunch prep by following this straightforward tip.

RECIPE HACKS: Hacks to Eat and Drink

Quick Microwave Kale Chips
Crispy Spiced Chickpeas
Oven-Fried Bacon
Maple-Glazed Oven-Fried Bacon
Perfect Steak Straight from the Freezer
Instant Aged Balsamic Vinegar
Roux in the Microwave
Eggless Mayo
Quick Lemon-Parsley Compound Butter
Garlic-Herb Butter
Rosemary-Parmesan Butter
Sweet Orange Butter
Raspberry Refrigerator Jam
Strawberry Refrigerator Jam
Blueberry Refrigerator Jam
Greek-Style Yogurt
Dairy-Free Whipped Cream
Maple Cream
Microwave Caramel Sauce
Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread
Homemade Chocolate Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping
Magic Vanilla Ice Cream
Molten Chocolate Cake for Two
Chocolate Clusters
Homemade Instant Oatmeal
Vanilla Extract
Citrus-Infused Vodka
Instant Aged Bourbon